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We are changing the way homes are bought and sold in Orange County. Instead of the standard approach to selling your home, give us a chance to show you a truly different method through property presentation and innovative marketing. This goes way beyond “staging”. Beware of imitators! We have been doing this since 2008; we are the ORIGINAL and BEST at the Design to Sell Model. See below for examples of our transformations and their outcomes.

“Robyn is amazing. We achieved the HIGHEST PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT in the community’s history on that floor plan. To do this without a pool or a view shows that design, staging and agent expertise really do matter”

Adam Pakes

“Robyn’s Design to Sell Model is ingenious. There were beautiful changes made to our home in a very short amount of time. She has her MBA and she is a whiz at market analysis. She’s the whole package. She brings the numbers, the design, and the results.”

Kathryn Taps

“The process is remarkable! It’s very short in duration, and economical. The staging actually exploits the design of the property so that it really feels like there is a tremendous amount of room. It came together perfectly. I never thought the place would look the way it looks now. I am really impressed. She more than earned her commission. Looking at the time she put in, I feel very blessed.”

John Ireland

We were referred to Robyn from a national real estate expert. He said, “She is the only one I would ever use in OC! I would trust her with my mother.” Robyn and her team laid out a very detailed plan right from the beginning. They transformed our home in less than a month. It was like a model home! After a small investment, we were able to sell our home for over $240K more than our next door neighbor. We are so happy we trusted the Design to Sell process and realize Robyn is a true expert in her field.”

Jeffrey and Doreen Moore​​​​​​​

“Robyn sold our home in 1 day, and for the highest price in history in our community. She designed a minor remodel and staged the home. I am just amazed and my wife is still pinching herself. Reconfirms that being better and working harder does create premium value. Thanks for everything!”

Mike Bolen

“As a financial planner of 30 years plus, I look at every decision from an investment perspective, and hiring OC Real Estate 411 was an excellent investment. Robyn also earned my trust very quickly. We are so happy we chose OC Real Estate 411 for the project of prepping our home to sell AND selling it. Robyn has great insight into buyer reaction and preference, and she uses that in the most economical way possible, to generate the strongest reaction. We achieved a result that exceeded my expectations, and in a timeframe that was faster than I expected.”

Forrest Morrow​​​​​​​

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Robyn. Even though I’m a broker, and have a masters degree and a career in real estate development, I chose Robyn to handle my personal transaction. She was highly knowledgeable, professional and responsive, and staged the house beautifully. But her vision to make targeted improvements to the house were creative, on point and very profitable. She’s excellent!”

Heidi Brandl, Yorba Linda and Newport Beach

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